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2018 Torrance Little League
Playoff Ground Rules (Unified)

Playoffs will essentially be played “By the Book”, that book being the 2018 Little League Official
Regulations and Playing Rules (The Green Book). The rules within the Green Book that we will be using
for our playoffs will be the rules that apply for Regular Season, not the rules in the Green Book that
reference Tournament Play.

1. The playoffs are a double-elimination tournament. Once a team has lost two games during the
playoffs, that team is then out.

2. The home team is the higher seed, except when there is a loss by the higher seed, e.g. 2 seed
loses first game and then plays 5 seed in championship game, the 5 seed retains home field
advantage. Home/ visitor will be determined by a coin toss in the loser bracket.

3. The game shall consist of 6 innings. There is no time limit. In the event, at the conclusion of the
6th inning, the game is tied; the game shall continue until a winner is reached. If the umpire calls
game due to darkness, the game will resume the following day (or at a day/time specified by the
Board of Directors).

4. Runs are unlimited each inning:
a. Minor / Training: the 5/8 rule does not apply during playoffs.

5. Mercy Rule: The game will end when there is a 10 run lead or greater after the completion of
the 4th inning (3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead).

6. Batting & Substitutions:
a. Major: There will be no required consecutive batting. Each team will post a batting
lineup of nine players.
b. Major: Starters may exit and re-enter only once.
c. Minor / Training: There is consecutive batting. (you bat the entire team, just like regular
d. Training: bunting is allowed in the playoffs.
e. Minors: no drop 3rd strike, just like regular season.

7. Minimum Play:
a. Major: Each player must play the required “2 & 1” each game. “2 & 1” is defined as each
player field for 6 consecutive outs, and bat once before being removed. Failure to
comply before game’s end will result in a forfeit, unless the Mercy Rule applies.
b. Minor / Training: Each player must play a minimum of two full defensive innings (does
not need to be consecutive). Failure to comply before game’s end will result in a forfeit,
unless the Mercy Rule applies.

8. There are no “infield play” requirements. Unlike Regular Season, a player is not required to play
in the infield.
9. Base running:
a. Training: Home plate is closed. Runners may score only when the ball is put in play (no
steals, passed balls, wild pitch, bad throw to pitcher, etc.).
b. Training: On coach pitch, batter and runners may advance only one base on a hit. Batter
and runner may advance only ONE additional base on one or more overthrows.

10. Only three (3) Manager/Coaches are allowed in the dugout.
a. Training: Only four (4) Manager/Coaches are allowed in the dugout.

11. All Pitching violations are subject to a one (1) game suspension and can be protested if found
before the end of the game, including (but not limited to); pitch/catch, catch/pitch, days of rest
and total pitch count.

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