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At Torrance Little League we believe that the key to resolving conflicts between parents, coaches and players is communication. Below is a guide to the steps we suggest you take if you are faced with a situation where you feel someone else at the league may adversely affect your child or another party.

1)    If possible talk to the person or people directly.

Simply discussing an issue directly may solve most conflicts. 

2)    If you do not feel comfortable talking with the individual talk to your team manager for direction.

3)    If the issue is with your team manager or you do not feel comfortable talking with them you may go to the division commissioner. Don’t know who your division commissioner is? Click here…

4)    If you do not feel comfortable talking with the division commissioner contact the player agent.

5)    If you do not feel comfortable talking with the player agent you may contact the league president directly

For severe issues such as physical altercations, verbal abuse, profanity or any case where you field a full board review is necessary please fill out a Code of Conduct form. Code of Conduct forms can be found at the snack shack, next to the mail slot or linked here…

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